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  • Additional Construction


    Adding  construction to an already existing home or building can be particularly challenging as it is important that the additional construction is in harmony with the current construction. Expertise and experience is crucial to adding a new room or a entire new floor and slight negligence or inexperience can lead to drastic results.

    In this project, which involved adding construction to the top. We had to make sure that the layout and design is in sync with the already existing construction. Also, it was required to improvise with the interiors of the newly added construction. Our goal was to stand out on three parameters – Quality, Strength and Design.

    Putting into use the best wood and material to achieve that strong and quality built. Also, we poured in all our experience and expertise to get the structure ready. For the interior space and layout our expert designers made sure that the additional construction has enough space for interior design  to explore.

    Project Highlights
    • Quality control and getting the best material type to be used.
    • Making an addition in complete synchronization with the existing construction.
    • The classy finish of the rooftop and internal space.