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  • Kitchen Remodeling


    With open and Modern spacious Kitchens in trend, this project was all about thematically redefining the client’s cooking space. Our kitchen remodeling chicago goal was to create a new environment with an elegant design and keeping it cost effective at the same time. Getting that premium look in budget was a challenge and we did our best to meet our client’s expectations. We installed the kitchen cabinets below the counter and also parallely above. The color and the cabinet designs run a pattern which add to the vibrant look of the kitchen.

    Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

    It also saved considerable space allowing more area for preparation. The color of the cabinets, the countertop tiles, and the tabletop in the dining area were kept same as a part of the design strategy to achieve a premium look. The Led lights on the ceiling were placed in a way that a particular area can be lit up depending upon the requirements. This made it energy efficient and also makes the ceiling compliment the design and theme. The symmetry achieved by leaving space above the top cabinets exposing the sidewalls add some definition to the kitchen design.

    Project Highlights
    • Achieving a premium look in budget
    • The lighting on the ceiling which adds to the elegance of the design.
    • Utilizing the space and the singular color running in  contrast with the sidewalls attract the attention.