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  • Living Room Remodeling


    Living room is the core and most vibrant part of any home. Here we had the challenge to redesign the living room and use the space to make it more vibrant. Getting an impeccable flooring and arranging the furniture was particularly emphasized by our client.  We also had to make sure that the living room remodeling and room doesn’t look all crammed up despite the fridge, furniture, the sofas, and the cupboards.

    Living Room Remodeling

    With a keen eye for details, our experts started with planning and having a design that met our client’s requirements. We fixed the flooring and carefully matched its color tone to that of the furniture. For the interior walls of the living room, we had a neutral color throughout. The floor work matching the furniture and the carpet shades matching the pillowcases enhanced the appearance of the sitting area. We managed to get more space by placing the TV in a corner and in doing so we also made sure that it was in the focus of the sitting area. The improvised lighting added to the style. Eventually, we got some stunning results exceeding our client’s expectations.


    Project Highlights
    • Remodelling the floor matching the color tones with that of the furniture redefining the look of the  living room.
    • Improvising and experimenting with the lights.
    • The neutral color of the interior walls.