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  • Condo Remodeling


    In this project our goal was to create a modern and customised space for our client. As the area is considerably long we made use of the space to connect with the design and layout and turned it into a modern and spacious condo. We gave special attention to the color and placing. The neutral colors added to the flow of the compelling design and also kept the homely feel intact for our clients. Installing new cabinets to the modern open kitchen and having the wardrobe space symmetrically aligned we ensured that the space doesn’t look crammed.

    We also emphasized the counter by hanging stylish LED lights to add to the look. Remodeling the condo, the challenge was to get more usable space and also more preparation space in the kitchen. To get that elegant look to the living space. We put up wall paintings and also a thin wooden shelf in the television area. We did some work in the bathroom which included painting and the cabinets and installing a glass front near the bathtub to keep the water from splashing.  

    Project Highlights
    • Improvised by adding hanging LED lights to emphasize and add more elegance to living space design.
    • Using neutral colors to maintain the homely and minimalist look as per our client’s requirements.
    • Increased the usable space.